Charlie Godsell

Recruitment Consultant
Region/Territory: Illinois, USA 

Phone:  +1 (312) 269 1051
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My client and candidate testimonials/recommendations

Charlie was a great help to me when I was looking for a new job. He set me up with 5 interviews in one week, and the first interview I had hired me! I was only looking for a week and that was it. I highly recommend Charlie if you are looking for a new job!

Michael Connolly, Ocean Import/Export specialist
It is my pleasure to recommend Charlie as one of the best in the business in helping with career development and understanding the needs of a client. Charlie helped me making a change and finding the best possible opportunity that fit my skill set. Thanks to Charlie I am with an amazing company with a bright future ahead. If you are looking to move your career forward, look no further than to Charlie Godsell!
Albert Streb, BDM
Charlie is fantastic to work with. He’s personable, engaging, and pragmatic. He’s a great communicator and brings a high level of professionalism. I would strongly recommend working with Charlie for future career placements.
Benjamin Stevenson, Global Account Manager

Charlie did a really great job throughout the recruitment process. He had set me up with many interviews and offers, ! Thank you for your support. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for new opportunities.

Kawthar E, Senior Customer Service Rep
Charlie has been a great help to myself and everyone else I have referred his way. He helped get me the best paying job of my career thus far. He is very responsive and professional. Thank you for all your hard work.
Simon Hashmi, Logistics
Charlie did excellent job in keeping me informed of the progress and what I was expecting through the process despite of the time difference between us. Highly recommended.
Thomas Fujita, Business Development Manager

Charlie is a highly diligent recruiter and a real pleasure to communicate with. He is very present and thoughtful, and he helped me greatly in my personal search for placement. Charlie had set me up with five interviews in two days time, which led to three offers I was able to decide between – and I was very happy with the outfit I chose and the position he found for my consideration. He followed up with me routinely, both inside and outside of office hours to ensure I was up to date as well as the companies I was interviewing with. I highly recommend Charlie’s services to anyone who is in a similar situation and seeking job placement. I am grateful for Charlie and am confident that anyone else would feel the same upon working with him.

Nick Reise, Logistics

Charlie is the consummate professional unlike any other that I have ever worked with before. He was professional, consistent and committed to the task and kept me informed through out the entire process. Even when out of office, he would call me with any updates that he had received. By far the only person I would pick up the phone and entrust to finding me a position if I ever needed such help again! Gets top marks from me!

Gevas Moyo, Business Development Manager
Charlie is a master at his craft, I brought it up to him and he has the perfect last name. He helped me find a good company and fast, and we made it happen.
David J, Export Operations
Awesome person to work with. Very efficient at this work. Charlie goes above and beyond in this work. It was a delight to work with Charlie. I recommend him to anyone who is seeking his help.
Jorge Garcia, AOG Operations Specialist, Government & Aerospace
Charlie has been absolutely amazing throughout the whole recruitment process! He’s professional and dedicated. I cannot thank you enough for you full support!
Claudia Perez, Export Operations