In short, we specialize in the freight forwarding industry but from a staffing, media and M&A perspective. All of our clients are forwarders, and all of our candidates are coming from forwarders.
Our client base spans small, medium and large freight forwarders including a number of the top 10 global organizations.

For our potential candidates the facts are:

1. We will have a number of opportunities for you providing you’re a stable, profitable sales candidates within air & ocean sales
2. We listen to you – want to work for a large forwarder? We’ll put you in front of them. Want to work for a small, growing forwarder? That works, too
3. We are honest – we hear a hell of a lot of good and bad things about forwarders across the US. Some is justified, some isn’t and has come from an ex-employee who has been fired. Regardless, we will tell you what we know to try and assist your decision making process

For our potential clients the facts are:

1. All of our candidates are relevant
2. Each candidate is fully registered so that we understand their experiences across trade lanes, industry verticals, sales figures etc.
3. They are all coming from a freight forwarding background unless otherwise requested
4. We don’t send countless resumes; we aim for 3-5 candidates for each operations opening and 2-3 for each sales opening
5. There are no upfront costs – you only pay the fee if you hire one of our candidates
6. You are free to interview as many candidates as you like through us until you find the right fit
To discuss how we can assist you in your search for a new career or a new employee, get in touch:
Lewis Bunn – Headford USA – Freight Recruiter
Head of Freight Forwarding Recruitment – USA & Europe
404 592 6315 |